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    • How do I access the base to attend the main event? Naval Base San Diego will be allowing the public to access the base starting at 1000 via Gate 9 only.  Gate 9 is located at 8th St. and Harbor Dr. in National City. 

    • Do I need to show ID? Not to access the base for the event but all guest 18 or older will need to present a valid state or government ID to tour a ship. 

    • What if I am a DoD CAC ID card holder?  Personnel with properly vetted or DoD IDs can access the base via Gate 6 at 32nd St. and Harbor Dr. and walk from parking North of Gate 9. To park closer to the event site, please enter through Gate 9 at 8th St. and Harbor Dr. We expect long lines on Harbor Dr., as guests wait to enter the base. 

    • Can I leave the event and come back later?  We will secure Gate 9 at 1:30pm or when the base has reached capacity. If you leave the base and want to come back, you will have to que up on Harbor Dr., to come back in via Gate 9.  If we have reached capacity, we will close base access to the public and you will not be able to come back on base. 

    • What can I bring on base?  Please use common sense when you drive onto a military installation and leave everything at home, except what you need.  See Prohibited items list. 

    • What kind of things will be available to do?  We will have a car show, concert, presentation, rides, activities, static displays, demos, and info and memorabilia booths along with ship tours.  


    • Will you have food and beverages at the Centennial? Yes, we will have a variety of food trucks available to purchase food and beverages.  

    • Will alcohol be allowed? No alcohol will be permitted at the event other than at the MWR Beer Garden where beer will be available for purchase. 

    • Can I bring my own food and drinks?  Yes, but food and beverages will not be allowed onto the pier area where the ships are located.


    • Can I park on base? Yes, the base has a limited number of parking spaces and will allow the public to park on base until we reach capacity. 

    • Do I need to show ID? Not to access the base for the event but all guest 18 or older will need to present a valid state or government ID to tour a ship. 

    • What if I accessed the base from a different gate?  If you have a DoD ID that allows you to access the base from other gates, you can park anywhere North of Gate 9 and walk to the venue.  If you wish to park in the designated parking areas closer to the event, you must enter via Gate 9 at 8th St. and Harbor Dr.

    • Can I return to my car if I forgot something?  Yes, you can return to your vehicle but you will have to wait in line again to come back into the event area.



  • Large Ice Chests and Coolers 

  • Pets of any kind

  • Glass Containers

  • All weapons (regardless of permit), firearms, knives, replica or toy weapons, clubs, stun guns, or anything that ejects a projectile

  • Mace, Pepper Spray, spray cans or other defensive spray or chemicals

  • Fireworks or Explosives of any kind

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Marijuana/illegal drugs and/or paraphernalia

  • Skateboards/bicycles/hover boards

  • Gang related clothing/accessories

  • Laser Pointers

  • Drones/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

  • Pop-Up Tents

  • Large backpacks or other large bags, oversized camera bags, or large purses larger than 7 inches by 10 inches. **Special consideration will be given to diaper bags, strollers etc. that will accompany small children)**




    • Do I have to pay to tour a ship? No, these tours are free. 

    • What times will the tours be? Ship tours begin at 10am and access to the piers will end at 1:30pm so the ships can complete tours by 2pm.  

    • Where will the ships be?  We will have signage posted around the event site directing guests to where to enter for ship tours.  

    • What kind of ships will I be able to tour? You may not have a choice in which ship you end up touring but we plan to have two destroyers (DDG and DDG 1000), a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), an Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD/LHA) and an Amphibious Transport Dock Ship (LPD). Ship names will not be released until the day of the event due to operational security and ship available may change due to operational tasking or in the event of a security or safety issue. 

    • What should I wear?  Ships have lots of metal jutting up from the deck and out of the bulkheads, so wearing comfortable clothing that isn’t overly loose and could snag or get caught on these objects is best. Closed toed shoes are required because sandals or flip flops are NOT allowed on the ships.  

    • Can I take photos?  The ship tour guides will let guests know if photography is allowed on board the ship.  Most ships allow photos topside but not inside the ship.  Please follow any guidance provide by the tour guide. 

    • What other restrictions should I be aware of to tour a ship? We will have signage posted on the fence where you will line up with this information but below are some do’s and don’ts. 

      • Do’s:

        • Do bring a valid state ID if you are 18 and older

        • Do cooperate with security (think entrance procedures for an amusement park or concert)

        • Do wear comfortable clothing

        • Do wear closed toed shoes

        • Do prepare to wait for an hour or more to tour a ship

        • Do listen closely to the tour guides on the pier and ship

      • Don’ts: 

        • Don’t bring large bags 

        • Don’t bring prohibited items

        • Don’t wonder around inside the enclave where the ships are

        • Don’t let kids wonder unsupervised


    • Can kids tour a ship?  Yes, as long as the child is at least 5-years old or older and able to walk on their own with no assistance. 

    • Can I tour a ship if I have a disability?  It depends on the type of disability.  If you require mobility assistance such as the use of a wheel chair, then you will not be able to tour a ship. Ships do not have the ability to accommodate visitors who can’t walk up and down steep ladders without assistance.  


    • What do I do if there is an emergency?  Please stay calm and listen to staff and security for direction. 

    • What do I do if I don’t feel well?  We will have a medical tent staged on the site for anyone in need of emergent medical attention.  If you need help locating the tent, ask any nearby staff member wearing a STAFF shirt or one of the active duty security personnel.   


If you have additional questions or concerns please contact the base Public Affairs Officer at or call 619-556-7359.


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